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Hello guys. I had a question regarding how many days a week is one required to go to campus during the first two years of Medical school at Queens? I'm asking because I wanna know if I can get away with three days a week and catch the lectures of the other two when they posted online. I've read posts saying that people do it and they're doing fine acedemic wise.

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We typically have mandatory events daily, and non mandatory events are still highly encouraged to attend. Some of the first year courses are recorded and available online, though hardly any. A week with less than 5 (relatively) full class days is quite rare (at least in first year- the extent to which I can speak on the subject).

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Yikes...I learn by actually studying the content, nit so much being at lecture. I'd hate that.


There are people like that in my class. They found ways to make it work by avoiding as many lectures as possible. Lots of people learn in different ways.


But of course the mandatory stuff can't be skipped, and often times they're based on a lecture that came immediately before it.

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