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Very Important Question For Mcmaster Student! Thank You!


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Hi, I have an interview coming up at a US medical school and they have requested me to take another physics class with lab because I only took one semester of physics and they require 2 semesters of it. Since I am closing in on a job in Burlington, and McMaster is the closest school to my job, so I am looking to enroll in the Physics 2 (incl. lab) class at McMaster. I already took Physics 1, so I'm looking for an easy first year course that I never took before, so I think that would be Physics 2. Now I'm completely unfamiliar with the McMaster courses, so I have no idea which class is physics 2! I looked it up online (on Mosaic), and I found a couple of classes called:

PHYSICS 1A03 Introductory Physics

PHYSICS 1AA3 Introduction to Modern Physics

PHYSICS 1CC3 Modern Physics For the Chemical and Physical Sciences

PHYSICS 1E03 Waves, Electricity and Magnetic Fields Is it this one??


I assumed anything that starts with 2 is a second year course so I didn't include them here. Anyways, thank you if anyone is willing to point me in the right direction!! 


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