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Thoughts On The November 2016 Dat Exam

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I found it easy as well, and I too think it was becuase I've written the MCAT so many time and have practived VR (or CARS) more than I'd like even though i was never good at it, just decent.


I think it went excellent becuase I combined strategies that worked for me in particular. Only time will tell...


P.S. Studying and writing the DAT, no matter if i did good or bad on it, is a walk in the park compared to the new MCAT



ok this makes me feel better


yeah i was never good at VR so i was scared this section would be similar to that, thank god it wasnt


everything about the dat is better except the longer wait to get scores back. like wtf

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We need a greater sample size. I say we track release dates from 1998 onwards to definitively conclude results will be released tomorrow 

BIO - more like ecology. I skipped over ecology thinking why the **** would dental schools test us on that? and there you go! DAT SNS was like 70% ecology.  Chem - grade 2 chemistry, with grade 3 if

As someone who's taken the DAT before and can objectively compare yesterday's and previous ones, I find it puzzling how different the tests are. Both biology and chemistry were much harder this year.

wait, you only need an RC score of 18 or over along with an 80% GPA to be guaranteed an interview?


im confused


having a higher RC score doesnt increase your chances of getting an interview?

Since uwo added the ABS last year, it changed the way people were invited for interviews. You are not guaranteed an interview with an RC 18 or minimum 80% GPA but as opposed to previous years, you can apply knowing that your application can be looked at since they added the ABS to showcase personal qualities and ECs. There were people interviewed with a GPA of 83% and people rejected with GPAs in the high 80s (similar with RC scores). You can contact the admissions office for more information on this, they can provide more clarity. Sorry for the confusion
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I think the assumption is it'll be released within next 7 days since the last two years it came out around the 10th. Tbh it shouldn't even take this long. If they removed the useless MDT they could release scores faster.

True. I think they changed their website description, though. In previous years they wrote that scores would be released between 6-8 weeks, but now it just says 8 weeks. In that case we wouldn't be getting them until closer to January! Crazy. You'd think less and less people are taking the MDT every year, which is less for them to grade and earlier score return. Oh well, the waiting continues I guess

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