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Hello everyone!


I had a few questions regarding courses that I would have to take during undergrad if I were to apply to med school in the future. I'm thinking about doing kinesiology and in the first year I would have 3 electives. My question is, if a medical school has a course listed as a prereq, does it have to be taken during the school year, or can it be done during the summer? 


If I'm not mistaken, many Canadian med schools require calculus. Unfortunately, I find that I am horrendous in calc, and I'd rather take it in summer school, however, I'm worried that medical schools might discredit this. Same goes for physics but since it's on the MCAT and not a prereq for med schools, I'll likely just take it during the summer. 


Finally, would my summer courses be counted towards my GPA if I do end up applying to med schools? I assume that if I can in fact take a prereq such as calc during the summer, then summer courses would go towards my final GPA. 


Man, I'd really just love to avoid the calc and physics, and take some psych class or what not, but what can you do, right?


Thanks a bunch! :)



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There is not a single medical school in Canada that requires calculus that I know of, few Med Schools have pre reqs all together (save Ottawa and Toronto, off the top of my head)



Each school calculates GPA differently. Some will include your summer courses and some will not include them in your GPA. It will still count that you've taken the course, but whether it is included in your GPA changes. And yes as said above, I don't believe any require calc.



To both posters above, thank you! 

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