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My workplace has been contacted as a verifier. I have two questions.


1) Are verifiers asked to keep it confidential that they have been contacted? Apparently someone else that I work with, who was not my verifier listed, was asked to do this verification. When I went to express confusion to the person I initially had down as my verifier, they said it's extremely confidential and they are not allowed to talk about it(??) I find it very unlikely that UofA would put in the effort to find the name of someone else I work for within the organization to contact them. 


2) As an extension to the above question, I am anxious, because the people I work with are acting fishy. They know other people who applied this cycle and I almost feel like they would try to jeopardize my application so there is one less person in competition with their "favourites." I am thinking about doing some damage control and emailing UofA, asking whether or not they took the initiative upon them to contact a verifier not listed in the application, to give me some insight as to what is going on. Is this a good idea?


On the other hand, I can just relax and assume they will at the very least be honest. You can be the juiciest peach in the world...



I would hope that U of A wouldn't e-mail other people in the organization.  I'm guessing that your verifier forwarded the e-mail from U of A to another person.

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