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Interview Invites & Regrets (2016/2017 App. Cycle)

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2014/2015 cycle: 20 people posted regrets stats (full-file review) / 1417 total regrets sent (full-file review) = 1.41% reported 2015/2016 cycle: 20 people posted regrets stats (full-file review) / 1

Yes, got the invite! THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST WEEK DURING FINAL EXAMS, but I AM SO HAPPY! Congrats to everyone  

TIME STAMP: Thursday, 10:42AM PT Interview Invite: Invitation  GPA: 90ish% MCAT: 520 (129/129/131/131) ECs: Average at best in terms of longevity but probably below average (no 2+ year commitments o

okay so some advice would be appreciated since UBC explicitly stated they won't help with this.


we are required to send in 3 ref letters divided between 1 professional, 1 academic, and 1 community service. issue with my main community service item (hospital volunteering) is that 1) it was pretty short, 2) I mainly took blood pressures etc of patients before appointments and interacted little with the doctor or residents, so i can't really ask them for a letter, and 3) the volunteer coordinator only makes schedules so i doubt can answer the questions about my ability to work with people or other qualities.


so im a bit stumped as to who to ask. the only thing i can think of is that one of the first labs i worked at for pay, I continued to volunteer at after my contract ended for ~a year. i have a good relationship with my supervisor and know this letter will be great, but does this really count as community volunteering? arghhhhhhh

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Time Stamp: Thur, 10:42am PST
Interview Invite: Invited
Early/Regular Deadline: Early
Interview Date: Tearfully declined (see below)
GPA: ~88.3%
AGPA: ~90.2%
MCAT: 128/128/129/126 (511 total)
ECs: non-traditional with 18,000+ hours of research experience; significant, long-term leadership experiences, community involvement, and clinical exposure; multiple publications and presentations (has omitted some important extracurricular activities and accomplishments for the time being - will update this post once cycle is over)
Year: PhD
Geography: IP
NAQ (if applicable): N/A
AQ (if applicable): N/A


Grateful for this opportunity to visit UBC. Unfortunately, I'll be declining my invitation. Hope someone on the waitlist get my spot!


Congratulations to everyone who has received an interview invitation. To those declined, you are incredibly conscientious and talented. UBC's inability to offer you an opportunity to interview is a loss for the institution. If medicine is where your passion lies, please don't give up!

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CONGRATS ALL! Looking forward to meeting everyone during interview weekend! :)


Will post stats later


Edit: Stats


Interview Invite: Invited
AGPA (if applicable): ~85
MCAT: 512
ECs: Hospital volunteering, long-term and diverse community service (independent and organization-based), provincial-level awards, multiple club exec, overseas service trips, multiple part-time jobs in healthcare, TA, research (no pubs), other construction work, Rec sports, and random but fairly dedicated hobbies.
Year: UG Complete
Geography: IP
NAQ (if applicable): last year ~35
AQ (if applicable): last year ~24

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