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Just wondering what sort of stats OOP students get admitted with. Wondering if I would have a possible chance at interview and if I should start preparing as I feel Calgary is one of my best shots.

Weighted GPA - 3.93


EC's - Decently good (equated to 24.5 on UBC's measurements this year) - National sport, research presentations & publication, fundraising, surgical observerships, volunteering, coaching etc.


Would I have a good shot at an interview and even post that?

Appreciate any Calgary specific tips!



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I believe you make the cut offs, academically. Now for the rest. I recommend listening to the admissions podcasts, but basically. Your ECS could be really good, but you will have to show them in the written portion of your application, which is quite a considerable portion of the application. They will mark you on basically the CanMed attributes (can be found in their admission package. They are quite up front about it.


In short it sounds like you have a chance, you meet the academic cutoffs for OOP. I would really spend a lot of time on your top ten experiences. It seems like it's not only what activities you have, but also the depth of the meaning you get from them, and how they improved you as a person. Expect to spend a couple weeks to a couple months writing them. They give you just enough space to almost be insightful ;)


What I have just told you is only a guess, based off of what I can gather from reading the admissions package, listening to the posted podcasts. And from a couple posts on this forum from people who seem to have a bit of an idea.

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