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How To Improve Dat Post Nov 2016 Results.

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I wrote my DAT for the first time in Nov 2016 and was not happy following the results. I would really appreciate any updated advice or anything from those successful, especially following Nov 2016. I studied for this exam for 1.5 months so I knew for sure my preparation lacked good practice in RC and PAT. I am re-writing in Feb and really need some help going forward as I am feeling lost. 


My scores were:  21 Chem, 21 Bio, 17 RC, 18 PAT


I did not give PAT much time so I think I have to do much more practice to get it up, but I was expecting much worse. 


My main huge concern has always been Reading portion. I feel very worried that it's more of an intrinsic problem with me but also because I rushed studying, I lacked practice in RC and did not know of my "strategy" going in, so I was defeated easily. 


I've seen many on this forum say a few things have changed on this DAT from previous ones. I based my preparation of RC from friends who took it in the past and did very well. Their strategy and advice could not work here. Most of them downplayed it, told me questions are typically in order, and search/destroy will help. I did DAT Genius and DAT boot camp tests but very rushed as I was focused on studying for bio/chem. I struggled for timing there as well and did not get to review any of them because my main problem was timing. I was not consistent with practicing. Many told me the Canadian one is a bit easier, but it didn't feel that way this test. 

I feel a big problem with me was not having a right approach but also could be I am a slow reader. This is why I would like to hear anything that helped you prepare and do well on this portion!


Any advice on how you would go about re-studying for the Feb exam with the scores that I have? I am very desperate to go about RC the right way and putting my scores up. 


Thank you for your help and Good luck with apps.  



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I think you just self-diagnosed yourself accurately - with RC practice and speed is everything. Speed comes with practice. Rather than rushing through just one or two types of RC programs - get hold of every RC practice section you can - even if its old med ones - (the idea is volume of reading - where each time what you read is brand new, and you are practicing your brain to read new complex material faster and faster). By doing hundreds of RC practices you will find your own "method" as opposed to trying to adopt others' (such as search and destroy) which is very exam specific. Some years and some exams have lent themselves to that method and others have not. It's the luck of the draw. So rather than just practicing one recommended method practice yourself over and over again and find your own method that in general gains you speed in overall coverage of material and comprehension. It's the safest to be applicable to the broadest possibility of excerpt types.

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Thank you for your reply! 

I really do agree with what you said. 


I was wondering, with the time left till the re-write, would you spend more time doing RC passages (even from diff. admission tests) that would have questions to test you as a form of practice, or would you try to include also in there just leisure reading (e.g. scientific articles) to train the mind? 

I always feel like that is good, but doesnt get to the solution when time is short. I can always try to incorporate both but would like to hear opinions. 

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