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Hi all!


I have a quick question about the community service referee.


Would it be better to choose volunteer supervisor "X" who I have known for about 4-5 years, but she is close to 80 years old and was not highly educated, and so in the nicest way possible, she may not be able to produce a Shakespearean-quality letter (however, I know she would have good things to say of me, and she would provide an honest, if simple, reference).


On the other hand, I have volunteer supervisor "Y" who I have known for 1 year in a very intimate volunteering role (related to suicide prevention) and she would be able to write a powerful letter; and volunteer supervisor "Z" who I have known for about 2 years in a less intimate but still very meaningful role, and could speak strongly.


I guess my question comes down to length of relatationship versus "perceived" letter strength


Thanks! :) 

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I'd say quality of letter to be honest. One year isn't a short period of time to know someone, and I think in that time they could have gauged who you are as a person and your commitment. 


I have a question as well... volunteer coordinator who I've known for about ~1 but doesn't know me that well (although I've been with organization for 7 years) or something I was with for 7 months but the person knows me better. Both organizations are great, and show strong community service. 


The other option is a volunteer coordinator I knew very well with the organization I was with for 7 years, but she is no longer with that organization anymore, so she doesn't have an "official" email address. 



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Hey guys, 


Sorry one more question - do you know if the referee you choose MUST be the person that you indicated as a verifier on your application for that particular role? I just ask because I used the person I want to use a referee for a different role because she was the only person who was able to vouch for that. But what I want her to reflect on as a referee is a different role (same organization), but that I used a different verifier for... 

Thanks :)

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