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Ot/pt Accepted/waitlisted/rejected 2017

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A little early (don't worry, still a couple hours before the first acceptance emails go out, you haven't missed anything) but there is a new thread open for those students accepted into OT @ UofT. The idea of this forum is to let students connect and get to know each other a little bit ahead of time. Also, maybe answer a few questions from a current student's perspective. 


Accepted 2017: Occupational Therapy @ University Of Toronto



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Agreed. Anyone else checking their email a million times a day? -.-

Applied: Queen's, McMaster, Western, UofA (all OT) Accepted: McMaster, Western, UofA Waitlisted: Rejected: Queen's GPA: cGPA: 3.42 & sGPA: 3.78   I will likely be accepting at McMaster or Wester

Congrats to all that have received an acceptance!  And I hope those with a waitlist position hear back soon, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!   I was wondering for those of you who have been

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I see a big X on my account for western, but no email, so I'm assuming that's a rejection...and so far I'm on the waitlist for U of T, no word on what number. Hopeful for Queens. Last year I heard around 10am, but that was for a rejection, so maybe their acceptances are different. Any insight? Congrats on those who got acceptances :)

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Congrats! I'm guessing since I haven't received an email from Queen's yet, I've been rejected. When did you receive an email from them? 


Anyone else receive acceptance to Queen's? 


Check in ORPAS, it will say if you got an offer from Queens (I didnt receive an email either)

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Check in ORPAS, it will say if you got an offer from Queens (I didnt receive an email either)



Yes, in my section for Queens it says "Offer - Expires June 02" when I click on it it gives me the option to accept. Its 12:40 on my end (Ottawa)

You can fix the time on the forum by updating your settings, its a different time zone (I literally only knew this recently and the time zone was of another country lol!)

Thanks, and congrats! 

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Applied: Dal PT, McGill PT, Queens PT&OT, Western PT&OT, UofT OT, McMaster PT
Accepted: UofT OT and Queens PT
Waitlisted: Western OT
Rejected: Dal PT, Western PT, McMaster PT
GPA: 3.71 sGPA (Lower than a lot of people on these forums, so I hope my results can give some individuals with similar grades some hope!)


I had my McGill interview on May 16th and I have not received anything from Queens OT yet.


I will likely be accepting my offer to Queens PT!! Very excited. 

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Applied: Mac, UofT, Queens, Western (all PT)




subGPA: 3.82


I'm a mature student (32) with an undergraduate degree in recreation therapy with loads of random interesting life experiences (really I was just unfocused and looking for adventure... hoping that counts in my favour if I get any interviews...lots to draw from). Worked primarily in health and recreation related fields for the last 8 years. I don't have much physio specific experience so while I did a decent job of my essays I might not get looked at for queens/western. I have lots of interview experience and express myself well in person. I also worked for 5 years as a standardized patient (the people who role play for mmis and med school exams) so I am relaxed in that format. I'm really pinning my hopes on getting those interviews from UOfT and Mac. I know the cut-off changes every year and I think I'm right on the line for where it has been the last few years. In the meantime I'm finishing my pre-reqs and getting more shadowing experience in preparation for interviews and to strengthen my application for next years if I don't get in.


Cheers and good luck!

I ended up getting interviews with both Mac and UofT (although Mac initially waitlisted me). I felt pretty good about Mac mmi and pretty terrible about UofT Cap, plus I knew U of T weighted sub gpa more heavily than the interview and I am on the lower end of competitive. I also got the scholarship email from Queens but I got it later than others did so I thought maybe I was waitlisted... Here's the final shakedown


Accepted: U of T, Queens

Rejected: McMaster, Western


I am very grateful and will be attending Queens as my medical resident ladylove will starts Queens' family med. program in July.


Thanks to all on this forum. You have made this scary drawn out process so much more manageable ❤️

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Applied: McMaster OT, Toronto OT, Western OT, Queen's OT, Dalhousie OT

Accepted: McMaster OT, Toronto OT, Western OT, Queen's OT, Dalhousie OT



GPA: sub = 3.91 cum = 3.82


Congratulations all!!! I'll be deciding between Toronto and Western, so waitlists should be moving! :)

Any idea if it would show up on ORPAS if we've been put on the waitlist, or do we need to wait for an email?


Does anyone know?

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