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Anybody Like To Be Taught/like To Teach Mcat Topis?


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Hi there,

I am planning to take MCAT in April 2017.

I prefer to hear and study, and mostly interested in teaching another and study. Especially science subjects .

Its been long time since I did my masters, so I need to review all most all science subjects,

anybody interested to do through any chat pages , pls comment below !

Good luck with your preps!

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I just took my MCAT and the best strategy and approach i have to advise you is take as many practice tests as you can. This way, you can apply the knowledge you have reaped from the books and classes you've taken and you can sharpen and hone your test taking skills. Your test taking skills are critical! Again, I took as many tests as I could to build and improve my confidence, accuracy and test-taking skills. I supplemented my studies with the tests from MCATCracker.com and Kaplan as they very helpful and saved myself from having to take a refresher course.

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