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Writing Mcat This Year...can I Apply This Year Too ?

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Question as written via topic title. 



So basically I wanted to write the MCAT in August, would it be viable for me to apply this year to medical schools as well (notably UBC?). I would be going into my 4th year in September. 


I'm sure this would depend on my mcat score, but assuming a 115+ and a solid 3.68 GPA (~83 avg), what would you suggest? 



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I assume it was a typo and you mean 511+


In short


1. You won't be able to apply to most U.S schools (it's not a hard rule but your chances will be compromised if you take it late) but will definitely be able to apply to most (if not all) Canadian schools, including UBC. Go on their website. They actually tell you when is the last day they will accept the MCAT scores. 


2. A 511 Mcat may or may not be okay, we don't know. As far as the eligibility is concerned, a 124+ in all 4 sections (496) will do. 



I would personally suggest (if $$ isn't an issue) taking the MCAT a bit earlier and maybe take it again in August if you have to. While there are several cases where people take it once and do well, I believe most people take it at least once, especially for the new MCAT.


Best of luck and hope that helped. 

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Fully agree with the above post!


Just to add a subtle comment on application timeline: if your first "writing" (clicking?) of the MCAT is in late August, you basically need to complete applications for all Canadian schools you'd like to apply to *before* knowing your MCAT results. This would include sending transcripts and reference forms to each school (excluding UBC) that you intend on applying to without knowing if you meet cutoffs... -Which is totally fine if you rock your first MCAT! But in other cases, like the above user points out, I've seen how writing the MCAT in June / early July provides more "breathing room" to receive scores (which take about a month to be released), filter which schools you'd like to apply to based on meeting IP/OOP cutoffs, send-in reference letters/transcripts to those schools etc. It also gives you the option for a re-write in August if you are not satisfied with how you performed, and still be eligible for that application cycle.

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