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Hi all, :)


I'm currently in second year of University of Guelph and I want to apply to US Med Schools but I'm very confused about how they calculate the AMCAS GPA according to this guide:




First of all, I cannot find a matching scale for Guelph Grading system as we have 85%-100% as A. However, the closest scale on that table the first row of percentage scale. How do I go about that?


Secondly, Guelph is semester based. Each course in our school normally worth 0.5 credit, occasionally 1.0 credit. I read somewhere online that a school can only be either quarter hour system or semester hour system, so would Guelph be considered as a semester hour system? How do you actually calculate semester hour since our courses only give us the credit we earn? (P.S. Our school website did tell us how to calculate credit hour though, I don't know if that helps?)


If someone could answer my questions that would be very much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance! :)



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