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Average Age For Acceptance Into Medical Schools

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From what I've seen by looking at stats posted, average is about 24/25.


For instance, average age of successful applicants at University of Calgary was 24.60 last year (http://mdadmissions.ucalgaryblogs.ca/files/2016/09/Reference-Stats-2016.pdf?x48364)

You can also check out the statistics at McMaster Med here: http://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-we-select
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Let's not even talk about Quebec where they could be anywhere between 17-20 in majority.


Nobody gets in at 17. About 60% of spots are for CEGEP students who are admitted at 19 or older while the rest is for undergrad students who are admitted at 22 or older. Some like myself manage to get admitted during their undergrad when they are between 19 and 22 but this is fairly hard and therefore not very likely to happen (8 spots for 500 applicants last year at the University of Montreal). Some can get in 18 years of age if they skipped a year during elementary school but this is even more unlikely to happen.


We do tend to get in at a younger age but not that young! :P

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Yes, for those who get in after French Lycée (Like Marie de France at Mtl) - They are 18-19. Some can be 17, I know a few :P

You'd have to get in directly after completing the lycée français (1 person in all of our promotion) AND skip a year during elementary school. The odds are so small that I think it's not unfair not too consider this scenario, even though it technically is possible!

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