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Email released today (Jan. 16, 2017) for an invitation to the Open House on Feb. 17 and Interviews on Feb. 18 for the UBC DMD Class of 2021! Please feel free to share stats for future applicants and to form practice groups! (:


Here's mine:



Residence: IP (McGill)

GPA: 3.85 (~87%)


Congratulations on those who got interview invites, hope to see you soon! For those who got regrets, never give up! (:

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Residence: OOP (Western)

GPA: 3.94



This may be a dumb question but do I need to get my own plane ticket? Lol...

yes you need to attend both the Open House and the Interview (MMI and PBL format) or else your application will be invalidated. Check your email. Which sucks because plane tix are expensive af
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I have 24AA 21PAT and my Gpa is 3.88


I got rejected, guess it's a so-so statistics for OOP?


Any successful applicant from OOP to post their scores?


Congrats to all those got invited!


ps. On the entrance statistics for 2016, they posted the average DAT to be 23. Any idea how this is calculated? An equally weighted average of AA and PAT?

I'm pretty confident that this is how they calculate the average.

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Did any of you receive a rejection email? 

I don't know anyone that has yet... so I'm assuming they sent acceptances early (to gather deposits) and those of who us haven't heard back yet will probably get some type of regrets email in the near future. 

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