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are you trolling


Time stamp: 9:22 am Invite/Reject: Invite GPA: 3.84 CARS: 129 Casper: Spent a lot of time prepping so it felt really good IP Completed UG

Time stamp: 9:30 am

Invite: No

GPA: 3.98

CASPER: Felt good with it! There were a couple questions I felt I could have answered better.

CARS: 124


4th year Undergrad


Given my CARS score, I was not expecting to receive an interview. Having said that, I'm still happy that I applied and gave myself a chance. Congratulations to those of you who received an interview, and all the best with the rest of the process! :)

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Time stamp: 9:13 am

Invite: yes!

GPA: 3.62

CASPER: never know; felt I wrote well thought-out and detailed answers for the majority of it, but often had very short answers to the last part of the question as a result of the extra time spent on the earlier questions.

CARS: 129


Graduated 2015 and working in healthcare

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Might as well post my own... *eyeroll*


Time Stamp: 9:51

Invite: Negatory

GPA: 3.5 cGPA

CARS: 126 buh..went down from 127.

CASPER: Had to re-write as mine crashed.. AGAIN..and none of my answers saved LOL. so who knows.


Graduated 2014, working in healthcare.


Knew it was coming, but hey, USA here I come

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AAAH!!!!!  :D So honoured and excited to be given this opportunity! I am very surprised given the low cGPA and the unknowns of the Casper! 


Time Stamp: 9:13 

Invite: YES! 

cGPA: 3.63 

CARS: 130 

Casper: Felt pretty good, although I ran out of time on every question (and never finished with a complete sentence) 


Completing a second undergrad degree 

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Time Stamp: 9:13 AM

Invite: Yes

GPA: 3.92

CARS: 126

CASPer: I thought it went decently, but I guess it was better than I expected to offset my low CARS score


4th year UG


I'm stoked guys! I didn't expect this because of my low CARS score, but what a great surprise this was! To all future applicants planning to apply with a high GPA + low CARS score, I say go for it! Train yourself to do well on CASPer and go for it. You never know what'll happen!

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