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Mcgill Dmd Interview Invites/regrets 2017

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^ this guy had an amazing application cycle this year.

I think the website states its Feb 20 as the target date for invitation to the MMI? 

Congrats to everyone who got invites!   I doubt the WL for OOP will move so I guess I will have to pray for Ontario!

Yeah, anyway sooner is better! Can't wait! I don't know how many people applied this year. For sure, i'm nervous with a cGPA being limit like that. But who knows, they might take into consideration my professional background and the fact that having 3.55/4 in a DVM program is probably harder than in other undergrad programs...! Good luck to you all!


Good luck! You're IP so chances are way higher. 


In fact you have a 1/3 chance of interviewing. Wishing you the best :) 

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TIME STAMP: 10:00pm
Result: Reject
wGPA: *3.73 or 3.87* Depending on how letter of EC was handled. 
DAT: Not submitted
ECs: 160 hours as student OT, summer of research, coached martial arts and fitness four years, other misc. volunteer. 
Year: 1st year masters in occupational therapy. 

IP/OOP/International: IP

Letter of EC: Yes. First semester 2.91 GPA. Had pretty significant family issues during that time and submitted notary signed affidavits. If first semester included in calculations, cGPA is 3.73. If first semester not included, 3.87 cGPA. 


Definitely not a good sign for med. :S

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