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For Those Wondering When The Interview Invites Will Be Coming Out

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Yeah! I went to the bathroom twice already!

wow I just went to the bathroom again....... being a "premed" isn't good for my health. 

I spoke to the admissions office yesterday and they informed me that the invites are supposed to come out most likely today, max tomorrow.   However, here's an email I received from my lab manager w

Looking at the interview invite/reject thread from last year, some invites have different timestamps so I'm assuming they don't come out all at once.

Maybe, but I don't see any regrets in the invite/regret thread which leads me to believe those who'll get the invitation will get it first and the rejects will be sent later... sorry I know I'm pessimistic

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It seemed last year that invites went out first and an hour later the rejections came out (with some exceptions)

But so far, there are only a handful of English/French stream invites, with no regrets ! Unless most of us on this forum are all unqualified, which I highly doubt, and/or 90% of the applicants who have gotten invites are not members of this forum !

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