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Invite!! Date Stamp: January 24th, 3:42PM EST Location: IP OOO Stream: English wGPA: 3.93 Current year:  MSc ECs: Above average IMO, were good enough to get a OOP UBC interview so perhaps Ottawa looke


I have been stocking this forum since grade 8 and I am super excited to be finally posting here! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for an email, and for you youngsters reading this don't give up because hard work = good results!


Date Stamp: Jan 24 2017, 2:56pm
Location: Ottawa 
Stream: French
wGPA: 3.991
Current year: 3rd year
ECs: Long term hospital volunteering (5-6 years the general campus TOH, 3 years at Montfort), President and co-founder of research club organizing case competitions on campus, promoting research opportunities etc. Research in one lab with 1 pub (6th author), 2 abstracts (first author) and oral presentation award at one of those meetings. URS scholarship recipient, lifeguard/lifesaving instructor for couple of years, work as medicine unit clerk at Montfort, got 2 pronvinvical volunteer awards etc. PM me if you have questions or want more details!

Casper:I really thought I flunked it but guess not as bad as I thought. I was able to complete first 2 questions on all scenarios, and write main ideas on last one but get cut off sometimes on last sentence. I suggest always glancing at the timer and setting yourself cutoffs. Did not prepare whatsoever for the casper.

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Date Stamp: 24/01/2017 - 03:09 PM
Location: IP
Stream: French
wGPA: 3.94
Current year: UG completed last year, doing another year to round up prereqs
ECs: Have a post in the "What are my chances?" thread in General Premed Discussions. PM me if you want to know more.

Casper: Trained for the English one for Mac, and my typing speed is slower in French. It was enough for an invite though!!!!!


I'm so glad I now have an opportunity to redeem myself for bombing my last interview at uOttawa. Wishing the best for those still waiting!

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Date Stamp: Jan 24th 2017 3:27pm

Location: IP

Stream: English

wGPA: 3.96

Current year: 4th year

ECs: Nothing stellar. Volunteer research assistant, volunteering with children a lot, some previous sports coaching, camp counselor, scholarships for grades, some other short term things

Casper: Felt neutral about it at the time, must have gone fine. Didn't prep a lot and don't really feel there was much point in prep anyways


Feels good!!!


Edit: wish the interview wasn't on a thursday.... going to have to miss quite a few classes to get there

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Invite!!! :) :) 
Date Stamp: Jan. 24 at 3:15 
Location: IP
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.99
Current year: 4th year
ECs: Varied, both long and short term 


Casper: I don't know.  I felt really good for most of it, but feel like my answers could have been better for a few questions.


Good luck to all of you!! 

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INVITE! I can't believe it!!

Date Stamp: Jan 24th 2017 3:25pm

Location: OOP

Stream: English

wGPA: 3.95ish? Didn't calculate haha

Current year: 3rd year

ECs: pretty average/vanilla, PM for details

Casper: thought it was mediocre, but I guess probably didn't go as badly as I thought :)


Congrats to everyone invited and best of luck to those still waiting! Hang in there!

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Date Stamp: 24/01/2016 - 03:40 PM (Can't remember exactly, will check back in a bit)
Location: OOO, IP
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.93
Current year: UG complete
ECs: Everyone has different interests of course, I feel they are varied/long term, PM for details

Casper: I felt decent about it, 2 or 3 stations I was unsure of


Extremely grateful for this opportunity!

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Date Stamp: January 24th, 3:42PM EST
Location: IP OOO
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.93
Current year:  MSc
ECs: Above average IMO, were good enough to get a OOP UBC interview so perhaps Ottawa looked more holistically at my app this year (they removed the Top3). This could bode well for "lower" wGPA people like myself, so please dont give up hope

Casper: Thought it went well


Finally tossed me the nod. Good luck everyone!


I want to stress something, if you didn't get an interview this year - don't give up hope. Honestly, this is my 2nd time applying to medicine and first year receiving interviews. Persevere and show the admissions that this is what you truly want. The fight is worth it.


To fellow interviewers, I wish everyone the best of luck! PM me if you'd like to do some prep.

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Date Stamp: 24/01/2017 - 3:11 PM

Location: IP
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.95
Current year: 4th Year
ECs: I never made a post anywhere, so I'll post some of them here:

  • 3 years cancer research, no publications, 3 abstracts, won one conference
  • Piano teacher for 5 years
  • Lifeguard/Swim Instructor for 4 years
  • Lifeguard Examiner for 2 years
  • Soccer Coach for 3 years during the summer
  • Swim Teach Coach
  • Playing Piano professionally for weddings/events in a band for 1 year
  • Choir Pianist for local church
  • Undergraduate Chemistry Club Vice President
  • Science Student Body Representative
  • Ontario Science Games participant (2016 and 2017)
  • Students offering Support Tutor

Casper: Thought it was manageable, was able to hit close to the maximum amount of characters allowed while condensing my thoughts to not sound like I was forcing words. Came out confident.

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Date Stamp: 24/1/2017 - 4:15 PM
Location: IP OOO
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.72 i think?
Current year: 5th year
ECs: a great deal of leadership positions at work (worked multiple jobs all throughout university), no research, a variety of hobbies and sports (some at the national level)

Casper: Better than last year

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Invite/Rejection: :(  (Rejection)

Date Stamp: 24/01/2017 - 4:20 PM
Location:  IP Out of Ottawa
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.96
Current year:  4th year UG
ECs: Kind of lame. Lots of research, a bunch of publications (1 first author), presentations, Hospital volunteering, some awards, keyboardist in a band, Shadowing/study with a physician, Tutoring.

Casper: Felt rough.


Oh, Ottawa. You reject me without even getting to know me? To be honest, didn't really expect an invite here. GPA wasn't too high, and EC's are pretty generic. Oh well. Life goes on. Congratulations to everyone who got an invite! To everyone who didn't, keep trying! This miserable game we call pre-med is a (cliche approaching) marathon, not a sprint! NEVER give up!

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Date stamp: 3:14 PM


Stream: French


GPA: 3.9


ECs: Lots of clinical observership (hospital, primary care, other health care professions), various volunteering initiatives (hospital + community) , 2 publications, coach for school sports team, member on the board of administrators for a french health care organization, research in heart failure, some other stuff...


Casper: Went pretty well. Didn't type a single accent lmao. 

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Date Stamp: Jan 24, 2017 at 16:11PM
Location: Ontario
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.96
Current year: 2 years out of 2nd undergrad
ECs: See my post from last year. This year I got to add that my lit review was published and that I am working on a project with a resident at McMaster Family Med. I also added the softball that I started playing, and some not so important things I did when I was younger.

Casper: Worse than last year, questions seamed really vague but I typed a lot for each answer and I think it went alright. 

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