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I'm a Canadian studying in America. There's so much doom-and-gloom shit talk about primary care specialties here. "Don't do FM, because they work too hard for too little money" is the prevailing sentiment.

Is this the case in Canada? Have recent billing changes (e.g. the incentive program in BC) made FM more desirable?

Disclaimer: To the "are you only in it for the money?" Nazis: of course fucking not.

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Most Family docs I know are doing just fine. Bigger questions are what kind of practice do you want and where? How much call do you want? What hours you want to work? I know a urban hospitalist who works almost strictly medical floor, runs 375-425k a year with under 5% overhead, with very reasonable hours. Some rural docs bill out 500-600< +, some make a lot less. Some urban docs only work half time and teach or have a life. 


I don't think it's doom and gloom. You also have limited roles compared to specialists, limits to research, etc. 

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