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Confirmation After Responding To Invite

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I just replied to the email account that sent the invites. They haven't replied to my email either but I think it's safe to assume everything has been received 'in good order'. The email account that sent the invites is the same listed on their website for admissions questions. 


Perhaps call to verify? Good luck!


Good to know! Thanks!

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^ Seconded, haven't heard back - I emailed as well as called... nothing.


I assume we have our bases covered as long as you have an email in your 'Sent' folder.


Does anyone have updates on the confirmation email? I responded to the email on the 24th, but I still haven't received a confirmation. Should I give them a call?


I got an email back about half an hour after I sent mine today! I'm sure you're both fine as well, but if you are worried shoot an email and she should respond to you.

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