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Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2017

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I didn't reallly want to post, but I guess it could help someone later on idk.

Result: Rejected, again :(


Time Stamp: 515PM 


wGPA: 3.86 (cGPA of 3.5)


Year: Graduated in 2015


MCAT: Took it three times 26 (8VR) -> 31 (9VR) -> 515 (129 Physics, 130 Cars, 128 Bio and Psych)

ECs: I mean I guess average. A solid year of hosptial volunteering in 12th grade, and every summer following university. Lots of music since high school, currently produce and release stuff on collectives and shit. Like one campus volunteering leadership (was mental health related). No real research, but a really unqiue (ish) honour's thesis with a faculty presentation. Since grad, I've worked at a thrift store (yay.....). Since grad I've also been volunteering with a youth center for at-risk teens.  


Geography: Ontario

Really bummed. Maybe my EC's were poor.

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Result: Invite Time Stamp: 3:57pm Interview Date: Probably choose end of March wGPA: 3.95, 3.77 cGPA Year: Graduated 2nd UG 2016   MCAT: 130/126 (CARS, so don't give up hope!!)/128/130 ECs: PM for

I am shocked. Didn't think I'd get any Canadian love at all.   Time Stamp: 15:57 Invite 2 Yr GPA - 3.87 MCAT: 128/126/130/129 but I'm not sure if they used my last Mcat where my cars was 127.

Result: Invite Time Stamp: Jan 31 - 12:56 (PT) Interview Date: TBA cGPA: 3.30 2YGPA: 3.99 Year: Last Year of Second Undergrad MCAT: 13/11/11 (35) ECs: Paramedic, Hospital Volunteer, First Aid Volu

Result: Regrets   :(

Time Stamp: 5:42pm EST

2 year GPA: 3.95

Year: 4th year

MCAT: 51 (127 CARS, 130 B/B, 130 P/S, 128 C/P)

EC's: Nothing stellar. Very average although I try to do things that I actually enjoy and am interested in. This is most likely why I didn't get an interview.


Told myself I wouldn't be upset since I have other interview invitations, turns out it still does hurt  :unsure:


Best of luck to those with interviews!

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Result: Invite (I still can't believe it, a part of me is waiting for an email saying this was an accident) 

Time Stamp: 1:08 PM PST

Interview Date: Will aim for 3/24-25 since I have a crazy schedule for the earlier interview time slot 
GPA: 3.7 (cGPA and recent 2 years)  

Year: 5th year UG

MCAT: 131/128/131/128
Geography: OOP

ECs: huge variety of random things, not long term... not really health care centered either... nor do I think any are significant. I honestly (not even trying to be humble or anything) believe that this list pales in comparison to 90%+ of others who've posted on this forum. Posting to show ppl that there is hope!  
some but not much volunteering in health care setting (<100hrs total) 
16 mo. research assistant co-op position in hospital
multiple part-time customer service jobs from 2009-present
Managed a restaurant for 3 months 
recreational level sports for 3 years (not competitive) 
school social club exec, 3 years
freelance makeup artist 
2 awards in highschool for Mock Trial and Japanese (LOL) 
one poster presentation, trying to get paper published but so far no luck, 2nd author 
one abstract, 2nd author 
I was really upset after a rejection from UBC (for which I'm IP for) made me feel like chances for Ontario schools (OOP) seem impossible... I figured reject from Mac was to be expected with a 128 in CARS and my GPA (I felt like CASPER went ok, but not stellar), but I only learned about western's CARS 129 cutoff when I got the email... Would've more seriously considered re-taking MCAT if I knew that there was a hard cutoff since I was so close without seriously prepping. I don't have high hopes for UofT with my GPA and ECs, but I truly did not think I had a shot at Queens with that too.... Legit I messaged a former classmate who is now at Queens right after today's rejection email from Western, turns out even with stellar ECs she got only an interview at Queens... Perhaps Queens values specific ECs? 
I also wonder if they look at extraneous circumstances pre-interview? The reason for the non-stop part time work, low volunteer hours and freelancing is because I live 2 hours commute from school, mom's got early stages of heart failure and my dad's gone through 3 brain surgeries (I had entered this in , is legally blind and cannot work. I spent most of my "free" time doing paid work, and not volunteering. (/edit, i just realized OMSAS didn't have a section for this? I logged on and didnt see any but I don't remember if there was or not) 
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Result: Regrets

Time Stamp: 4:55pm EST

2 year GPA: 3.70, (cgpa: 2.85)

Year: BA, graduated; been working

MCAT: 512 (128 CARS, 127 B/B, 130 P/S, 127 C/P)

EC's: Couple of publications (1st author, 2nd author), hospital and clinic, shadowing, lots of travel, some mental health stuff, working 3 years in research


I knew I was borderline for most schools and this is my first year applying. Not sure whether to reapply though.


Congratulations to those who were invited.

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Result: Invite

Time Stamp: 1:06 PST

Interview Date: probably 2nd weekend
wGPA: 3.89
Year: BSc. Complete

MCAT: 512 (128 CARS)
ECs: average? usual hospital and club stuff, some unique long term hobbies, diverse community service work, research etc. PM me if you'd like!
Geography: oop


Congrats to all those receiving invites, looking forward to meeting some of you in March! :)

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Result: Invite

Time Stamp: 3:57pm

Interview Date: Probably choose end of March
wGPA: 3.95, 3.77 cGPA
Year: Graduated 2nd UG 2016


MCAT: 130/126 (CARS, so don't give up hope!!)/128/130
ECs: PM for details, but varied among school EC's, lots of work, some NSERCs, and some typical pre-med volunteering. 
Geography: IP


I never thought I would be posting here, and I am so friggen ectastic after 4 application cycles. Good luck to everyone, can't wait to meet you! Let's kick some interview butt. And for everyone else, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. I was rejected from EVERY school for 3 years, and here is this fourth time and friggen QUEENS invited me. You can do it too, just work the hardest you can, be as positive as you can, reach out to your friends and family as much as you can. YOU CAN DO IT, maybe not today, maybe not next year, but IT CAN HAPPEN :).

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Result: Invite!!

Time Stamp: 12:57 PM (PST)

Interview Date: TBD
wGPA: 3.83 

Year: Graduated UG

MCAT: 517 (127 CARS)
ECs: Diverse and pretty long term: >500 hours hospital volunteering, 1st author pub, research grant, long-term employment, volunteering with kids and other populations, mentoring in school and out, club execs etc, I filled out most of my ABS slots. PM for details!

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Timestamp: 4:01 pm EST on Jan 31st 2017

Result: Invite!!

2 year GPA: 3.97

Year: Finished Undergrad

MCAT: 518- 98th(?) overall (129/129/131/129)

EC's: PM me!


Holy smokes! This is unbelievable getting all these interviews considering the position I was in like 3 years ago.


Congrats to everyone receiving an interview. Those who didn't, keep working hard!

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Result: Nope

Time Stamp: 1:57 pacific

wGPA: 3.98

Year: UG Complete last year

MCAT: 129/126/128/129

ECs: I thought they were pretty good. I competed at the national level in sport, was a varsity athlete during university, lots of awards/scholarships/grants, research, lots of volunteering with the homeless and at risk youth, long term employment with the ministry of forests, and I have a couple trades under my belt (carpentry, welding, mechanics), along with shorter term volunteer work.

Geography: OOP


Well I struck out with every Ontario school. I'm a slow typer so I kinda knew mcmasters and Ottawa weren't a go given they use the Casper. I'm guessing queens really didn't like my MCAT score? I'm pretty bummed out, I really wanted at least one interview in Ontario. Fingers crossed for UBC

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Time Stamp: 4:03 EST
wGPA: 3.87

Year: UG Complete last year
MCAT: 128/127/130/127

ECs: I wasn't sure if i'd be considered good or not. Currently working as a lab tech in biotech company. Lots of research in many fields(clinical, basic science, population studies), 2 first author pubs with 2 more in prep, 2 conference presentations. A fair bit of teaching experience (2 TAships, guitar teacher at campus guitar club, lots of mentoring students in the lab), 1 year club executive member, played lots of soccer my whole life, played many musical instruments my whole life. 


I'm so excited, this is my first interview invite. Can't wait to meet everyone!

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TIME STAMP: Jan/31 @ 4:00pm


Result: Invite

cGPA: 3.97 (OMSAS)

MCAT: 520 (131/129/129/131)


ECs: 3 years research (3 first author pubs/3 first author under review; conference; invitation to scientific meeting, etc.); 4 years personal training; VP and P of student club; managed restaurant for 2 summers; 6 years tutoring; additional volunteer, awards, and employment.


Year: 5th year UG (Co-op)

Geography: IP

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never thought id be posting here!


Result: Invite

Time Stamp: 4:00PM

Interview Date: Undecided
GPA: ~3.9
Year: Currently finishing up 4th year of undergrad

MCAT: 127/126/129/131
ECs: The basics pretty much, maybe a little unique

Geography: IP


Really thought I wouldn't be getting an invite since I've seen so many amazing people on this forum get rejected with better stats than me! My MCAT score is probably just barely above average for the applicant pool - so people with relatively low scores, don't give up! This is my first admissions cycle so I'm super pumped. Gotta start practicing my MMI skills! Good luck everyone!!

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