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I stumbled across this forum and realized that invites went out 2 weeks ago but i did not receive any email from NOSM.


I have checked all my email folders and i received responses from other Ontario schools through the same email.

I have now contacted NOSM but i dont know if there is anything else i can do?


Anyone else not receive a response yet? 

Does anyone know the deadline for responding?



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Hi there, I had that happen too and am looking into it further now - I had NOSM send me an email to an email address I had used in a previous cycle but not this one. I also haven't received the letter in the mail which is concerning... I'm concerned that my entire previous application was used and not this year's?


You know it's funny, in the invite to interview letter I received my address from last year was used as well.  Maybe it's worth giving them a call?



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