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Lmaooooooo Wrestlemania 2017 premed101 style!

Week and a half left before results come out! Regardless of the outcome, it's been a fun experience overall and good luck to everyone!

I just wanna know the interview stats

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What waitlist # for IP was reached last year? 


Here is last years waitlist thread:




I think it reached 31 IP waitlist movement and OOP cleared. For past years, its:


- 64 spots -

2005 c/o 2009 100 accepted (35 off WL)

2006 c/o 2010 89 accepted (24 off WL)

2007 c/o 2011 105 accepted (40 off WL)

2008 c/o 2012 91 accepted (26 off WL)

2009 c/o 2013 92 accepted (27 off WL)

2010 c/o 2014 89 or 92 accepted (25 or 27 off WL)

2011 c/o 2015 83 accepted (19 off WL)

2012 c/o 2016 84 accepted (19 off WL)

- 84 spots -

2013 c/o 2017 119 accepted (35 off WL)

- 96 spots -

2014 c/o 2018 122 accepted (26 off WL)

2015 c/o 2019 139 accepted (43 off WL)

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Holy Moses I can't believe I'm posting one of these. 




GPA: 3.87


Interview: Above average


Completed M.Sc


Thank you to everyone for sharing information and making the application process tolerable. I'm SO thankful for premed101 and want to help future students that apply in any way I can. Feel free to PM me :)

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Congratulations everyone! I also received good news from UofT and am truly blessed - there was some luck involved for sure!

I will be waiting to hear from Western before making a decision on which school to go to (if I have a choice and if the IP waitlist moves 8 for UofT!).


For all those who did not receive good news today, I hope it works out for another school this cycle. If not, you were so close and next cycle is yours!


Thank you everyone for the support and I love this PM101 community!

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Honestly never thought I'd see the day, but accepted!


GPA: 3.89 (completed undergrad last year)


Interview: Didn't feel like it went well at all, I asked if they could repeat pretty much every question, and I'm sure I left a lot of things out. But I guess it was good enough?


I would also like to thank all the individuals on this forum who have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the entire process.  :)

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