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Result: invite! Geography: IP Degree: Bsc. completed GPA: 3.85 DAT: 73

Invite IP 3.97 64/90

Young Savage why u trapping so hard?

What did you guys think about the interview? I think I bombed at least one station. Oh well~ What is done is done

Definitely stumbled through some of those stations. At this point I'm just glad it's done and over with and I have some experience to draw from for applying again. I thought the atmosphere would be a lot more tense but everyone was friendly and it seemed more relaxed around my timeslot. 

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that gives me hope... i'm 4.0/73/?? IP just gotta hope I didn't screw up my interview :(


Well I think I barely made it and got lucky last year. It always comes down to interview! There were 3.8s and 43 interviews that got straight in last year and 3.97s and 29s that were straight out, the interview can make up for a lot.


That being said, you have a sweet GPA and DAT. As long as you didn't royally eff it up, you should be fine

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