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1.How have your life experiences to this point helped shape and prepare you for making decisions in situations of uncertainty or ambiguity?


can someone please give me examples of uncertainty or ambiguity? not sure i understand what they mean by situations of uncertainty or ambiguity. the deadline is in two weeks and i havent even started for this question. i would really appreciate any help and i'd be eternally grateful :(


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I thought of situations of uncertainty or ambiguity as when you have a dilemma and it is hard for you to choose between two or more decisions.


Example: You had 1000$ saved up to pay back all your debts and if you don't pay withing the deadline, you would have the amount double. At the same time, you find out that one of your family members is very sick and needs that 1000$ to buy a very expensive medication. Here you are put in a situation where you will feel a little of uncertainty on which decision to make 1- Pay your debts first ? 2- Take care of your family member first ? 3- Find a compromise where as an example, you try to call other family members to pitch in with you so this way you could pay your debts and also help your family member. 


Good luck

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