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Moving For Residency: Discussion And Tips

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For those of us moving for residency…it is fun, a bit scary and likely a lot of work!


I thought it might be helpful to have a thread to discuss the logistics and get tips from people who have already gone through a similar process…ask your questions regarding moving your stuff, claiming the move on your income tax, changing your provincial health card, car insurance, etc 


Personally I’ll be moving from QC to BC and would love to hear some suggestions from ppl that have done long distance moves regarding how they managed their moves and shipping large packages (but not big furniture). Driving from QC to BC myself is not a feasible option due to personal reasons. I don’t have my own car right now but will def get one for residency.


Some options I have looked into so far are shipping my stuff with ground shipping (such as Greyhound) and buying a used car in BC vs buying a used car here in QC packing it with all my stuff and shipping the car (estimates I have gotten are around $1500). If anyone has any suggestions as to how to make an across the country move as painless as possible would love to hear it!

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I'm starting to look into this moving stuff too! Although I'm in a slightly different boat. We're going to be doing a major cull of our stuff but we will be taking some bigger pieces of furniture so def not just loading up our car or shipping it. U-haul is surprisingly pricy though! I would love to hear if anyone has recommendations for other companies or options!!


For your situation specifically, Clover, I don't think I personally would buy a car in QC and instead just ship your stuff. It seems like buying a car first would be a lot of extra costs and probably frustration for not a ton of gain. Are cars like $1500 cheaper there? Because if not, I don't know if it'd be worth it.

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