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Post-Interview French Stream Admission Chances

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I can confirm that Indigenous applicants have reserved seats and if they meet requirements for admission they will be admitted to the program. Hence, it can be a bit less than 40 however I can imagine most indigenous applicants apply to the english stream instead.


Keep in mind you also have MD PHDs that can also stick in spots of the french stream. Realistically you have about a 43/90 chance (approx 38 for 90 interviews with some waitlist movement)


Good luck!!!!

Mr Duck

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Mr. Duck. Some of your information is conflicting. In another thread, you stated:


In regards to the french stream, there are 90 interviews for 40 spots. There are an additional 8 spots in the french program reserved for CNFS stuents which is totally separate, I believe they interview about 15-20 candidates for those spots (french program applicants outside of the province of Ontario). Total french program seats is therefore 48.


So 90 interviews for 40 spots, given that a few students reject those offers, you can expect the chances for french stream to be a 1 in 2 chance.


Very different from the 575 interviews for 116 spots, roughly 1 in 5 chance.


And I am 99% certain the interview invites go by 50% GPA, 50% Casper score. 


Mr Duck



However, in my last year's interview rejection, I was sent the following message: "The Admissions Committee will review 3,921 applications this year for the 164 positions available and will interview approximately 575 candidates". This means that the 164 positions includes both English AND French applicants. You might be correct about~95 of the interviewers being part of the French stream. But the English stream does not have a 116/575 chance. It would be 116/470-480, and only if you French stream information is correct.

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The most recent information (I am talking presented by the new Dean of Admissions of uOttawa last week) confirms 90 interviews for 48 spots for the french stream. 48 spots are subtracted from the 164 total. Some can be included for indigenous applicants as well as MD PHDs in either stream. However, 8 of the 48 are CNFS reserved seats.


Very good observation! I do tend to focus on the french stream more so I apologize. I do not know for sure if the 575 interviews include interviews for french stream applicants, and have never looked into this myself. 485 interviews for 116 spots seems perhaps more reasonable, however I cannot confirmed nor deny either possibility at this time. If someone can confirm that would be great!


For sake of more information, out of the roughly 4000 applicants, only about 1800 were above the cutoffs established to be eligible for application :P


Mr Duck

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