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No Prereqs, Upward Trend Gpa, Diverse But Limited Ec's, Help?

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Hi everyone! 


I've read a lot of posts on here but this is my first time posting. Although I felt a lot of the responses on here were helpful, I feel like I need some specific feedback on my situation.


I'm an IP honours BA Psychology student. Due to a variety of factors, I really took a hit first year and managed to get a C in pretty much everything. I ended up getting most of my first year grades dropped because of its effects on my GPA. I also took a year off after my 3rd UG year. Regardless, here are my stats:


UG 1: 2.00

UG 2: 3.55

UG 3: 3.79

UG 4: 3.9

UG 5: ? (hopefully ~ 3.9)


only my UG 3-5 years would be considered a full course load (4/4.5 out of 5 credits) or just shy of a full course load, depending on the university. Unfortunately, the only prereqs I have are a full year of bio, but because I did these courses in my first year, I did terrible.  


On top of this, my EC's seem below average. Everyone on here seems to have pubs and a lot of research/healthcare experience. I have some interesting/quality EC's and come from a healthcare background, but other than completing my thesis next year, I don't have much else. 


Assuming I do really well on the MCAT, do I still have a shot? If my chances are low, what are the best ways to improve?


I was thinking of applying to a Msc program to add to my research experience, which would also give me a chance to strengthen my EC's during that time. There seems to be mixed reviews on whether or not this would be helpful. Would it be worth doing this considering my profile? Would I be better off taking a year to find volunteer/research positions on my own? 


I really don't know where to go from here. Any insight/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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Thanks for the reply! But doesn't western require 30 credit hours? I'm taking 24 right now, and 27 in my final year. I don't think I meet that requirement.


If I take 30 in my final year, I can apply to U of A, Queens, Mac, and U of C, at least in terms of requirements I think.

Can anyone confirm?


I won't have time this summer to study/write the MCAT, so it would have to be next summer. I just don't know if I should do a Msc in the meantime or a different opportunity to enhance my app

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My first impression is that the two things within your control that can help your application the most is 1) ace the MCAT, 2) consider if you can gain any geographic advantage, should you choose.


Should you ace the MCAT and do a 6th year, you could potentially be eligible for the conditional acceptance at UWO.


I am also curious as to what your cGPA actually is, since you said some courses were dropped but you listed a low GPA in 1st year. 

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I'm in Ontario, so that should help me for Mac and Queens. Do you really think I should take an extra 30 credits before graduating and apply to Western? Would that look bad on my application considering I took a year off in my UG? I thought maybe taking a Msc might be better because of the research experience. 


I only kept 15 credits for my first year, which would make it part time, hence the low GPA, I got a nice, consistent C  :confused:

Took 18 credits (gen eds) while I made a degree switch to psych (I was previously biomed)

UG 3: 24

UG 4: 24

*summer 15 creds*

UG: 5: 27


Honestly, I think my cGPA would be something around ~3.65 ish (could be more could be less), my first year is literally destroying me. I'm really stuck between sticking it out an extra year or doing something new that might be more beneficial

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