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TL/DR: studying for DAT - should I just retake MCAT again while I'm at it? Scored well enough (510-512) and got interview with UBC MED. Planning in advance in case of rejection.



Hey everyone. So I am waiting to hear back from UBC for this year but in the meantime I'm planning my next year in case I don't make it this year...(planning a full year of courses 2017-18 and maybe retake MCAT this summer).

I am also considering applying to dentistry to see where that might get me but I've never taken the DAT... so in light of realizing I will have to study very similar material to the MCAT again it has got me thinking... should I just retake? I scored 510-512 (being vague-ish). I took my mcat on 2 hrs of sleep (pet was violently sick all night) but I don't know how that affected me overall. I suppose if I really went to town again on studying (and slept! ;) ) I could get a better score but I don't want to risk a poorer score. It would be my undoing. Had I scored a 500 I believe I would have retaken right away. I'm almost in that sweet spot where it's kind of a risk to retake. At this point I have only taken the MCAT once.



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Thanks guys.

After this cycle and the full year courses I'm doing in fall if rejected I'll be eligible for some other schools as I never held a five and five per semester for a year... life just didn't go that way...

What is a good CARS score for those schools? I have an even distribution, all at 127 or above (not going to say exact breakdown).

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