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Have any of you here gone to Uvic for your undergrad, and gotten into med school? I know that UBC doesn't favour their own undergrads, but they take so many more from UBC in comparison to uvic, sfu etc. I'm also just wondering if it is a smart decision to not go to such a large school for undergrad when med schools don't care. I'm also considering going to UofA, UofC, McMaster, and Western and just want to hear your opinions on the opportunities they offer to get into med school. It's always said that McMaster's Health Sci program is the place to go or Western's bio med, but is it worth it to go to school in Ontario (I'm from BC) for those programs when Med Schools do not care where you go for undergrad? 

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one drawback tbh is the conversion of non-UBC grades to UBC's percentage scale

I think this conversion goes both ways - UVIC has largely switched to listing percentages on transcripts so no conversion is really needed. For some people (those on the higher end of letter grade ranges on average) this actually improves their AQ score while for others (those on the low end of letter grade ranges on average) it hurts their AQ. 

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I know a number of people who did their undergrad at UVic and went on to do the MD program at UBC. Mithril is right, the large majority of UBC undgrads in the UBC MD program is due to the high number of UBC students that apply to the program. Going to UVic won't put you at a disadvantage (or at an advantage for that matter).

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