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how does it feel knowing that they probably already know? that the answer is sitting as we speak in some excel file on some computer in an office.......and you cant access it?

I've started flipping coins and rolling dice to determine whether I've gotten in or not, and literally the outcomes are split 50/50. Somebody please recommend me something to do so I don't go crazy.

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Shoutout to Keratoconus for his May 10th survival pack expertise last year:  

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a privilege posting with you these past few weeks,     So I just wanna take the time to thank everyone that has contributed on this thread and wish all of you

I hope good news for all of us but if not, the sun will still rise the next day and we'll just be more competitive next year I got rejected before and the silver lining is I got to really experience

If I don't get in I'm committing sudoko.



That's right. I'm moving to Japan and commiting my life to the pursuit of Sudoko, even though I probably suck at sudoko.


Hahaha. This might help!




Only 15 days left!




(Set it for 12:30, because that seems to be roughly the time for UWO)


While we're waiting, anyone want to post the subject line(s) from last year?

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