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Hello fellow premed101 forum dwellers,    if you're interview didn't go as well as planned, don't fret! I know many people currently in my class who thought their MMI went horrendously or that they

Following up on jojo123's post from above...   Just want to offer some more words of encouragement to everyone who's waiting to hear about their acceptance tomorrow.    To those who are accepted,

I'll think sharing this might ease some concerns.   At the video screening, one of the first year med students said 'if you don't feel good about your interview, don't worry - 60% of our class felt

I did a quick search and it turns out solus HAS been updated early in the past, but we're talking the day before/a few hours before. Not 3 weeks lmao


I think it was like one year SOLUS updated at midnight (before the emails came out) and those that were accepted knew because they had a negative balance owing. But I don't believe it has happened more than once.. 

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13 days, amigos... thought it would be a good idea to work 5 12-hour days in a row (it wasn't..). What's everyone else doing to distract themselves??

I have my last exam tomorrow and then I'm moving out. But after that it'll be sitting at home for 10 days.


My SO is going out of the country on a family vacation until the 9th, so it's going to be a lonely stressful couple of days haha.


Hoping for good things for you! 

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