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Post Interview Discussion/countdown To May 10

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I believe as I write this, the Sunday afternoon interviews are being conducted in Sudbury. Congratulations to (almost) everyone on being done the nerve-racking interview process! I myself felt like th

Just wanted to offer many congratulations to those of you who received an acceptance today.  To those of you who did not, or are on the waitlist, my fingers are crossed for you.

ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE!!!! 24 hours to go people!!! Unless we're waitlisted...

Haha. You guys crack me up. I'm resetting my countdown app to May 9. Are the emails out first thing in the morning? I can't judge from interview invite email cause I was out of the country and in a diff time zone. Anyone know (aka at what time should I refresh my emails every 4 minutes)?


There might be some variance between Acceptances/Wailtisted/Rejections, but my waitlist emails have come in between 8:25am and 9:13am



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Up until tonight I was still doing school work.. but it is all done now and so I can focus my mental energy on other things... such as obsessing about the results! Haven't had any dreams yet, but will update. Also can't believe emails come out in less then two weeks.

Yup. Monday marks the first day of the month we'll find out. Yikes!
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