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Mcgill Mmi Interview Video - Plus Post-Interview De-Stressor Tips!

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Just wanted to touch base on how some of you are doing, post-interview and all. I realize that this is a stressful period, filled with uncertainty, excitement and self doubt. I did the interviews twice before I was accepted so I feel ya. 

Here are some tips and reminders:


1. Rethinking: You are probably rethinking every answer you gave (and if you are not, good for you!), or didn't give, overthinking everything. Reminder: you were at the interviews to be you, not to be a judge of yourself. A lot of points they are looking for are not even things you think of, that you just do cause you are you. So tap yourself on the back for being you and keep being you. 


2. Plan B: You might be scrambling to find a plan B, and that's ok. That doesn't mean you didn't get it. Give yourself time to really think about what you would do if not med. Look at your options with an open mind and reflect on your own self. If you got an interview it means that your profile is strong enough, and you should focus on how you portray that person. Do you get nervous? Shy? Robotic? There are many activities that can help you become more comfortable with yourself. Work on it. Make it a summer project or a life project. This is a great opportunity to reflect.


3. Don't neglect your family and friends: They have been there for you, directly or indirectly. You might feel ashamed or sad or anxious and they might not "understand" how you are feeling BUT they know you best, and can make you feel better. Do normal things with them, be it cabana sucre, movies, resto, a jog. DO NOT use the excuse "I did so bad, I don't deserve it". You do deserve happiness. You have chosen a career path that is so valuable and precious. You deserve a break. 


4. As the date nears, anxiety will rise. Plan for this. Ask your support system to be by your side, good or bad, they love you unconditionally. Some people can handle continuing with their normal day, others need distractions. Either way, plan what you need. 


5. Don't stop studying cause you think you got it. It may very well be that you got in, but that doesn't mean you can stop being a student. Keep up with your projects and assignments. Heck it is a good distraction even. 


Lastly..... I wanted to share the MMI video link. Reminding you that the students who get in are just normal silly beings. We are all unique and have our own paths. 


Keep being you and a reach for a better you. 

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