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Im applying to both schools next year and I am wondering how to prepare what to expect for the critical skills test. The topic is a surprise, how are we to formulate an essay in one hour on it? If anybody has information about their experience and what I can expect from the prompt, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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I'm currently in U of M's program and wrote the essay 3 years ago. The process is exactly how it sounds - challenging and stressful (at least for me lol!). I personally went into it with a "nothing to lose" attitude as it was my first time applying and expected more than 1 attempt to get accepted. There's no right way to prepare but all I did was look up argumentative essay topics online, literally mimicked essay conditions and timed myself to write essays in an hour. I did this the weekend before the real thing which was on the Monday haha.


My advice to you is just to be comfortable with your method of writing essays as using a process that is tried and true for you is the only way for someone to be successful in this environment. I spent 20 min of the hour formulating my plan (planning my intro, 3 arguments, main subpoints,etc) and i used the rest of the hour to jump into my essay (final copy- no time for rough draft lol). I ended up getting acceptance that summer :D


Remember to breathe and have belief in yourself that you can do this. Form if you're "for or against" right away and just run with it. Good luck!!! lmk if you want to know anything else about UofM pharmacy.

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