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Uoft Accepted/rejected/waitlisted 2017

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Accepted!! :D



GPA: 3.94

AA 19 PAT 20

Edit: Graduated

Interview: I really felt like I aced it. I really didn't think I'd stand a chance with my DAT scores, but I prepared months in advance for the interview. I think that helped me present myself with confidence!


Just wondering, are you planning on accepting their offer? Nervous waitlister here

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GPA: ~3.94
AA 21 PAT 21
Interview: Felt alright. I was able to answer all the questions in a logical manner; hit all the points as well for a few easy questions.

it's my third time applying already. Should I have applied as an IP instead since I've studied in Toronto for 4 years? Where did I go wrong? ...I'm done with all this.

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This might be a silly question but how is the interview scored? Like i know its out of 35 points but I was only asked 6 questions that I am assuming were 5 points each. Where does the extra 5 points come into play? Thanks! 


CDA interviewers look for the 7 competencies.


They ask 7 questions in total and give a mark out of 5 for each of the competencies.

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Result: Accepted


GPA: 3.9+

DAT: AA23, PAT20

Interview: Above Average

3rd Year Undergraduate


(For anyone who's worried about sending in their confirmations before April 17, I sent mine in April 4th and got a confirmation on April 7th so it should take a couple of days don't worry)


Also if anyone has any questions or wants to talk/connect just hit me up

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So I sent the confirmation letter in the mail on Monday (the 10th) and I just called UofT today and they still havent received anything. Since Canada Post is closed tomorrow and Monday (for easter), I'm worried that they won't receive my confirmation by April 17th. What should I do? 

Hey! I called them with the same concern, and they said that as long as it's post-dated (by Canada Post) before April 17th, it should be good. Also, admissions will be emailing the accepted people who they haven't received their replies/deposits from to ask whether they are still interested in the offer. 


So no need to fret (: Just sit tight. Admissions will also email you as soon as they get it in the mail!


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