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Wgpa For Overloaded Semester

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Hey guys, 


Here's my situation: 


1st year (full-time) = 5.0 FCE

2nd year (full-time) = 5.0 FCE 

3rd year (full-time) = 5.5 FCE (0.5 FCE was assessed via credit/nocredit) 

4th year (full-time) = application year. 


From my understanding, I'm eligible for the wGPA whereby my lowest 3.0 FCEs are dropped in the GPA calculation. What confuses me is what they do with the CR/NCR course in the case where it's taken as a overload? The description on their website is not that clear for my situation. 


Will they drop the CR/NCR (0.5) course, then drop 3.0 FCE? Or

will they drop the CR/NCR (0.5) course, then drop 2.5 FCE? 


Any insights? Thanks! 

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