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If You Couldn't Do Medicine, Which Profession/career Would You Choose?

Which non-medical career would you go into?  

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  1. 1. What non-medical field would you go into?

    • Allied health field professions
    • Biomedical sciences
    • Hard sciences (Chem, Physics, Mathematics)
    • Engineering (Software, Civil, EE, Mech)
    • Business/finance
    • Arts (History, Fine Arts, Linguistics, Communications, Philosophy, Education)
    • McJob (Dead-end job)
    • NEETdom

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Fair enough :) One thing I don't think we do well enough is explaining all the other options. It is good to see how the other half lives 


I 100% agree. At my medical school I host a career panel annually for undergrad students at the affiliated University to see what other career options are out there besides medicine. 

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I chose not to pursue medicine in favour of allied health. No regrets. I love my job, have tons of autonomy, and have physician colleagues who actively seek out my advice and make referrals to me. I'd probably feel differently if I worked in a hospital, but working in the community, I couldn't be happier. :)

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hmm.. that is a difficult question. There are so many careers that I can see myself doing:


- A psychologist - One of the main things that I look for in a career is relationship building, and making a difference in client's lives. I feel that psychologists are very privileged to be able to support clients in their life's journeys, and be there for them. Also, people say that I am great listener, so I can totally see myself as a psychologist. 


- Social Worker - I have worked with social workers for so many years, and I have seen how social workers make a difference in other people's lives.  I admire the counselling portion of their job, and social work is something that I can see myself doing.


- Teacher - I have been teaching for so many years, and most of my students really appreciate how I teach concepts and simplify things for them. I remember few days ago, one of the parents of the kids that I teach told me that the only teacher that his son (9 year old) likes is me, and he was trying to convince me to become a teacher.  He was saying that I am the only person that his son listens to lol. 


- Public health- I really like studying about the social determinants of health, and public health policy. I see myself doing a lot of advocacy work in the community.

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Artist/concept artist/ Teacher/ Studio owner -I would be an artist, but I already have a 10 year goal. Firstly, I would quit all other work obligations and devote at least 10 hours per day to increasing my technical ability. From there I would work with a big name entertainment company like Blizzard or Riot Games. From there I would rise through years, and then leave after a year to two to study at an atelier. From there I would look for teaching positions at a university of some sort. Next I would try to build my own studio. Here I would hire young developing artists and train them so that they add to the substance of the studio


Sociological research - Here I would do years and years of work dedicated to certain things not really discussed yet, like the correlative factors between violence and poverty, and violence and developing countries the role identiry and religion plays in each of those


Critical Theorist - Honestly, I would probably be an activist of some sort, something along the lines of noam Choamsky or Yves Engler. A better Slavoj Žižek

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