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Schulich Dentistry Class Of 2021 Accepted/waitlisted/rejected

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3 hours ago, teeth2017 said:

I'm not sure if it was already said or not but when you get accepted off the waitlist how long do they give you to make a decision/ put in a deposit? 

In the offer letter, it reads: "Since the seat reserved for you is sought by other candidates, we ask that you confirm your decision within seven days from the date of this letter...  Should you wish to accept our offer of admission, you are also required to pay a tuition deposit of $1,000.00 within seven days from the date of this letter."

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Accepted - wasn't expecting this one!   GPA: 92% IP/OOP: IP DAT (AA/RC): 21/20 Interview: Felt alright! Was not sure if I would click with the interviewers. Year of study: UG 4 ABS/PS: Pretty var

off the waitlist today 12:15pm Have hope everyone!

I'd say it makes a difference. Simply comparing it to our old lab we're able to be more efficient and get more confidence in our skills before letting us loose on real patients. That way we can focus

Any updates? I'm (irrationally) afraid I'm going to miss the phone call because my phone didn't pick up some calls & went straight to voicemail (had signal, battery was fine) approx a week ago. Would you get the letter on student centre even if the admissions office couldn't reach you by phone/left a voicemail? 

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Waitlist Update:

I had posted back on June 16th that there were 5 HWLers still waiting to hear back. All 5 of us are still waiting, and we've actually discovered another HWLer, so there are at least 6 people still remaining on the HWL. Judging by the Facebook group, it also doesn't appear that there have been any offers at all for about 3 weeks, not sure what to think of this......

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