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Schulich Dentistry Class Of 2021 Accepted/waitlisted/rejected

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Accepted - wasn't expecting this one!   GPA: 92% IP/OOP: IP DAT (AA/RC): 21/20 Interview: Felt alright! Was not sure if I would click with the interviewers. Year of study: UG 4 ABS/PS: Pretty var

off the waitlist today 12:15pm Have hope everyone!

I'd say it makes a difference. Simply comparing it to our old lab we're able to be more efficient and get more confidence in our skills before letting us loose on real patients. That way we can focus

I don't think they'd change people's high/normal/low ranking, even if there was a lot of movement because that was based off of previous years, not what's happening now (might be wrong though!). HWL still hasn't cleared, so I would be surprised if they manage to reach the LWL.

Two things are up in the air. It seems like there is a lot of WL movement this year so far, but maybe more people are just posting (except it seems like a high proportion of posters are getting in)? The second is we really don't know how long each of the lists are. If it really is like UWO med and is truly conservative, I'd guess 20-25 max on the HWL, but it could be more...

There should be at least 4 more waitlist offers in the very near future, so please post if you get in! :)

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6 hours ago, HopefulDent2017 said:

Has anyone on the waitlist tried to email admissions again to see if their waitlist position has changed significantly enough to receive an offer based on past years? Due to recent waitlist movements? 

There may have been a small shift (going from high to higher, normal to high, low to normal) due to people declining their waitlist positions, though it probably isn't that significant.

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Just wanted to make a quick post for future premed users regarding the high waitlist:

If you scroll through this entire thread, there are 15 people who have confirmed that they were/are on the high waitlist. I also know of one other person (who is not one of these usernames) who was also accepted off the HWL. So there are 16 confirmed HWLers. 

I thought the HWL was less than 20 (closer to 15), but with the assumption that there are more HWLers out there who didn't post on the forums I'd say that the high waitlist must be at least 20 people! It could also be 25, but I really don't think that is being conservative enough.

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