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Hi all,


I just have a question about possibly taking a 5th year in Undergrad at the U of M.


Does anyone know how the U of M medical school view this on their application? Do they look down upon this?

Does the U of M also consider the grades from the 5th year in their AGPA calculations? I was looking to take a 5th year since my current GPA is waaaay below the minimum requirement (even if AGPA is calculated).


Please help! Thank you all!

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It will not affect your application to medicine, they do not care about course load or how long it takes you to complete a degree.


And yes, any grades from any post-secondary education are calculated in the AGPA.


The only thing I am concerned about is that if you are way below the minimum requirements, are you sure taking more classes will help boost up your AGPA past the minimum requirements? Also, what is your MCAT score, because if you only hit the minimum AGPA requirements, you are going to need a high MCAT score?

Hi thank you for replying back to my question!


As for your concern, Yes, I think that taking more classes might help me out. I'm going into my 3rd year this fall and I haven't taken my MCAT yet. Your right again, I will need a very high MCAT score but I do plan to study really hard for it though.

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