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Anesthesia Competitiveness?

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Hi all,


I am currently a MS2 and I was wondering if anyone had any input on the current state of anesthesiology when it comes to the CaRMs match? Specifically I wanted to know if it was considered a competitive specialty and how one should go about prepping to be competitive and hopefully match to it, i.e. is research extremely important? does the research have to be related to anesthesiology? which programs are considered the more competitive/desirable across the country? 

- Additionally I see it repeatedly said on these forums that a good CV is important for all applicants - but what does that exactly entail? Is that referring to research and awards, or to school council involvement? 


I guess I want to know what are the important checkmarks to match to anesthesia? I'm mainly hopeful I can impress during clerkship, 4th year electives (and hopefully eventual interviews) - but what else can i do?


I know there is no concrete clear answer but I'd really appreciate any input. My dms are open if you prefer to pm me haha

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