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Always hard to put into words what it is like the day before the results come out - tomorrow some people will have their hopes fulfilled, others have them delayed from a wait list or possibly have to reapply, and some will reach the end of the amount of time/effort they want to expend on this.


Regardless you are all exceptionally hard working students, and no matter what will go on to do amazing things. For those that do get in congratulations on reaching the next phase! For others with interviews if you are reapplying remember people often do have make more than one attempt, and if you are getting interviews then you are close to the mark.


I wish you all the best! The moderators - myself included - will be watching with anticipation. 


Good luck now, and in all things!

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post-70894-0-31849600-1494299830_thumb.jpgI wish everyone Best Wishes and always remember to keep on fighting for your dreams!!

I may only be a premed but I fight for my dreams each and every single day through thick and thin, Highs and Low!

You've all come a long way to go, you all have your own stories to tell, different paths that you came from, amazing skills and talents that makes you unique and special. Whether its an acceptance or a rejection, Just Keep Moving and Keep Going! You never know how close you might be! 

Good Luck Everyone and God Bless!!  :)



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