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Are There Literally Any Success Stories With Low Mcat In Canada?

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I'm at a 507 with 127/125/125/130. The CARS really messes me up. Well, the entire score does.

I'm from Ontario and eligible for many schools but realistically Mac and Queen's will not accept me thanks to my score. UoT has never accepted anyone even remotely near my score. Ottawa will hate my 3.83 GPA and for McGill, my GPA is shit as well (plus very few spots for ppl from other provinces).

Are there literally any success stories of ppl with low mcats getting into Canada after undergrad? No masters, no PhD.

UofT has a minimum of 500, but realistically, do they accept anyone near that score? Mac has 123 for cars, but do they accept anyone near that score?

All my information is from SDN, and from that, I think I should just give up.

Any ray of hope?

Note my wGPAs:

UofT- 3.88

Ottawa - 3.88

Queen's - 3.92


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MCAT good enough for UofT but GPA way too low.

Otherwise your MCAT is very low and your CARS single-handedly eliminates you from the race at Mac. Overall score eliminates you from Western, most likely Queen's. Your GPA's a bit low for an OOP @ McGill but if your ECs and letters are outstanding, maybe you have a shot at an interview. 


Honestly your chances are very low, but there's definitely something you can do about it. I would definitely retake if I were you.

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Ottawa doesn't look at the MCAT. However, your GPA is on the lower end.

UofT only considers MCAT as cut-off (125/125/125/125). However, your GPA is on the lower end as well. Though people have been accepted with GPA's that low, they tend to be graduate applicants.

Western, Queens you're out as their MCAT cut-offs are definitely higher. Mac, average GPA is ~3.84, CARS ~129. very very low chance.


Calgary and UofA you're out (128 CARS cut off - OOP)

Manitoba and Sask definitely out. 

Dalhousie you're out (can only have ONE section at 125 for OOP) 


Apply to BC, MCAT cut off is 124 across the board and it is used only as cut-off (at least for pre-interview selection). GPA average is 92% for OOP. If you're hovering around that and have great EC's you have a chance.


Bottom line: 

apply to BC


- option 1: Retake MCAT 


- option 2: Move to a different province


- option 3: do both 


Good luck.

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