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I have been admitted to the following programs, and I'm trying to decide which program to enter:

  • Western Medical Science
  • McGill Life Science/Biomedical
  • McMaster Life Science
  • Queen's Science
  • University of Guelph Biomedical Sciences
  • York U Kin/Life Science

I've looked at the courses of all the programs above, and I love them all. I wouldn't mind campus environment, scenery, and location. So I guess I'm just asking which program has the best student to professor ratio and is the easiest to achieve a high GPA. My end goal is med school (LOL, like everyone). Currently, I'm leaning towards Western's Medical Science, but I'm turned off by the extremely large class numbers and high student to professor ratios.


I also applied to McMaster Health Science and iSci, but sadly got rejected from both :(


So if there are alumni, current students, or anyone else who knows about the programs, please help me out.




P.S: I understand that you can get into med school from any degree and school, but I would like a low student to professor ratio.

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Student to professor ratio doesnt mean anything. 

Easiest to achieve a high GPA? I don't think anyone can really tell you that unless they've done every single one of these programs and can compare them accurately.

But an easy program is Kinesiology at McGill. Also, an A (4.0) at McGill is anything over 85%, which is very lenient. 

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I compared Western and McGill a while back in a post. Maybe it'll be helpful to you:


"As someone who has experience from both schools, I can definitely say that UWO is the better option when it comes to GPA, and GPA is probably the most important factor in terms of med school acceptance. McGill has that 85+ = 4.0 scale, which may seem enticing but trust me, their material and evaluation criteria are much harder, so dipping below 85 will only net you a 3.7 which is a drastic drop. For example, a lot of the courses at McGill have 30%/70% midterm/final whereas a lot of UWO courses have assignments or quizzes that can easily boost up your mark, with max 50% finals.


From what I've observed, many of the students appear to be the cream of the crop at McGill as well, so I'd say you can definitely "stand out" more at UWO. That's not to say UWO doesn't have bright students, but it's always good to stand out, maybe get more awards and etc. In terms of research opportunities, I'm sure both schools offer a lot so I don't think you have to worry about that.


Both schools also have great social atmospheres, but I get more of a friendly help-each-other-out vibe from UWO. The one great thing that McGill has to offer is that Montreal is an amazing city with a lot of things to do, whereas London has...a couple bars."

PM me if you want to discuss more.

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