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    I'm currently entering the 4th year of my BSc in biology at UBC and I'm thinking of pursuing the MOT after I finish my degree. Regarding the entrance requirements, do they take into account the marks in the 3 creds of psychology, 3 creds of sociology and 3 creds of human anatomy, or do they only consider the 300 and 400 level courses? Also for anyone that is in the MOT program right now, for the 70 hours of volunteer experience, does volunteering in the OT program at one of the Vancouver Acute Hospitals count? Any help is appreciated.



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Hello! As I recall, the only marks that matter are the 300 and 400 level grades. I don't think the required courses are included in the gpa calculation. Yes, I think that volunteering in the OT program at one of the Vancouver Acute Hospitals would certainly count. I volunteered in a hospital in a similar program for my 70+ hours, and they accepted me into the MOT program. Hope that helps!

Source: I'm a UBC MOT student class of 2018

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Hello everyone,

I also had a question regarding the admission process to UBC's MOT program. For those who have been accepted into the program and/or are current/past students, I was wondering what your course load was like in the last two years of your undergrad? I know this is not listed anywhere on UBC's MOT program website, but I have came across some programs in other provinces which state that they prefer students who can demonstrate their ability to manage a full course load. I plan on taking 3 courses per semester for my last two years of undergrad, but am contemplating whether I should increase it to 4 courses in case taking fewer courses might influence my admission. If anyone has taken a similar course load and has been accepted, please feel free to share your experiences! 

Also, in regards to the volunteer/work experience requirement, I have been volunteering at a seniors' care facility for 3.5 years (this will increase to 5+ years during the time of my application), where I help feed residents in the special care unit, assist recreation staff with programs/games, and have one-to-one conversations with the residents. I have also just started a volunteer position with the OT department at a hospital, where I will be assisting the rehab assistant with small group exercises. Do you think these two positions will be considered strong for my application? Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone :) 

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