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Subjects/topics To Learn About Business For Dentistry

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Hey so I'm finishing up first year and I want to use a little bit of the summer to start seeing if I can look at some first year business/accounting resources online to get a general understanding. 


Would any of the current practicing dentists be able to shed some light what would be beneficial to look at 


Thanks :)

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Everyone likes to throw out to students that they should learn the "business side of dentistry", "practice management" etc. I personally think that's overrated advice. 


You're going to have an accountant as a dentist. No dentist files their own taxes. Your accountant is going to be highly paid and will tell you exactly how to structure yourself, your personal/corporate finances etc. 


Learning GAAP will not help you be a better or more successful dentist. The business side of dentistry isn't rocket science. Keep your overhead as low as you can, without affecting patient care. Invest into your practice where there will be a ROI. First year business / economics / accounting isn't going to help. 

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