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Matching To Research-Intensive/competitive Specialties From A Satellite Campus

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You're already ahead of the game knowing of your interest early on. Many McMaster students have matched successfully to radiology without taking a year off to do research. Unless you're applying to a research-intensive program, it is not necessarily the research itself that is valued, but more the evidence of work ethic, interest, and productivity that can be shown through other achievements as well (e.g. extracurriculars, more education-focused work). Outside of clinical research, writing up case reports, educational exhibits etc. is also a common pathway. Fortunately, a lot of this work can be done at some distance from the main campus once you have met with your supervisor. If you can connect with some current residents, they can give you more advice.

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Hi all. I was accepted to McMaster's MD program, Waterloo campus. I'm obviously very excited about this opportunity but I have a few questions. 


The specialty I'm most interested in right now is radiology, which is obviously quite competitive with a focus on research during the matching process. I'm concerned that McMaster's full-year schedule along with being in Waterloo, which won't have as many clinical research opportunities as Hamilton, might negatively affect my chances of matching to this specialty.


Can any current McMaster students (preferably Waterloo campus) comment on this? Would you guys recommend taking a year off to exclusively do research? Are there a lot of clinical research opportunities in Waterloo? What would you guys recommend doing in this situation?


Thanks for any help guys.


Some people do travel to Hamilton to do research. Research isn't essential when it comes to matching but if it is your interest, a lot of research can be done off-site so it is doable. 

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I'm also starting at Waterloo this fall. I'm assuming this advice doesn't apply if my goal is to apply to a CIP (Clinician Investigator) program. My goal has always been to be a clinician scientist, and I intend on practicing clinically and conducting research as part of my career. On the website, it says that the regional campuses have both structured and unstructured research opportunities. Can anyone who has experienced any of these opportunities comment on them? Thanks in advance.

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