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What are your boi's chances?I am looking for some criticism of my school list. I am a Canadian applicant who doesn't have english (prevents me from applying to a lot of schools). I will also be applying this cycle in Canada but am looking to broaden my chances by tossing some apps to the states. 


s/cGPA = 3.91 (Year 1: 3.7, Year 2: 4.0, Year 3: 4.0) 

MCAT = 516: 128/126/131/131


Clinical EC's 

-73 hrs. volounteering in urgent care center 

- 895 hrs. Paid clinical research co-coordinator (My job was handling patient visits/direct clinical encounters) 

- 75 hrs. Physician shadowing variety of specialities (Anesthesiology, Gen Surg, EM, Dermatology, ENT, Fam Med) 



- Pubs/presentaiton: 3rd author review pub, Public research presentaiton, Local poster presentaion 

-Just started as student researcher in tumor immunology lab (project 184 hrs work by matriculation, possible pub) 


Non-clinical EC's 

-Pending patent on solar water pump for developing countries 

- 3 Service trips: 1 teaching in Jamacia, 1 building school, 1 mobile clinic (total work = 140 hrs) 

- 60 hrs. Orientation week leader 

- 151 hrs. VP of 3 different clubs at University (All focused on medical aid/health care improvement) 

-55 hrs. Social media coordinator for car wash company 

- 24 hrs. Delivery man for leftover food from University caf to local homless shelter 


Academic Accolades 

- Deans list 

-Deans list with distinction x 2 (given to top 3% of students) 

-University entrance scholarship 

- Lieutenant govenor of ontario award/Duke of Ed Gold Award 

- University scholarship given to 16 outstanding sophmore students 


Personal endavours 

- Co-captain/member of various intermural sports teams

- Rigid personal fitness schedule 7hrs per week 

-Avid Traveller 



Reach: Hopkins, Harvard, NYU, Yale 


Reach (iffy): Vanderbilt, WSLU 


Targets: Einstein, Duke, Sidney Kimmel, Geisel (Dartmouth), Georgetown, Oakland (William Baumont), Tulane , Hawaii, Chicago Rosalind Franklin, Loma Linda, Gorge Wash 


Targets (iffy): Mayo, CMU , Michigan State, Boston, Rush Medical College, UC Davis, Eastern Virgina, U Arizona






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Case Western has changed their rules. They now only accept US citizens as of this cycle. (SOURCE: MSAR, and I know someone who works on their admissions staff)



Yes, Case has unfortunately changed their rules. However, you can still apply to the college program (CCLCM).

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